Your Music on Vevo

Gotham West has partnered with Vevo, the leader in video music content across multiple platforms, including YouTube, to provide music videos to their platform.

With Vevo’s worldwide network covering YouTube, linear television, and Video-On-Demand experiences, your music will be part of the largest music video network on the planet.

Manage Your Videos

Gotham West makes it easy for you to upload and publish your music videos to Vevo. Your videos will be ready and available on Vevo in no time.

The Main Stage

Publishing your music videos to Vevo brings your content to the same level as major artists, with the potential to have your music promoted along side the biggest artists and songs in the world.

Easy Royalties

Gotham West manages royalties for your music videos, providing you direct payment to your bank account, along with reports to know how well your videos are doing around the world.

Want Your Music On Vevo?

Get started distributing your music videos through Gotham West today