Our Rates

Gotham West offers a combination of services to best fit your budget and needs. And our pricing is simple to make it easy to understand and avoid surprises.

Before we start, we’ll work with you to best understand your podcast – whether you’re looking to start from scratch or already established – and ensure our services and rates are a perfect match.

Looking for something else? Prefer something more a la carte? Let us know!

$100 / episode hour
Audio Editing
  • Professional podcast editing
  • Simplified pricing based on episode length
  • Music licensing included
  • Fully mastered audio
$125 / episode
Podcast Producer
  • Dedicated producer for your podcast
  • Coordinates each episode with you, editors, talent bookers, and more
  • Present with you and your guests for remote interviews
  • Access to Slack for communicating
  • Full a la carte options
  • Earn revenue from our distribution partners
$50 / episode
Social Media Promotion
  • Fully produced clips of your podcast for social media
  • Custom produced and unique to your podcast
  • Dedicated Social Media producer for your podcast

Why Use Gotham West?

We’re not a podcast hosting platform (although, yeah, we do that too). We’re a full-service podcast development and production studio. We’re here to build your podcast from scratch or amplify your existing one.


We have standards. Our podcasts are edited, mixed, and mastered by a team of professional sound engineers.

Team Support

Podcasts can be complex. We’re here to make sure you can focus on the creative while we handle the complicated details. You can focus on being the talent, we’ll do the rest.

This Is Big Time

We’re not here for small time shows. We’re here for talent and brands that want to create the next big podcast. And we back that up with our expert team.